04/25/2016 12:05 EDT | Updated 04/26/2016 08:45 EDT

Yogurt Culture: Yogurt Through The Years (INFOGRAPHIC)

How did yogurt become so popular? A look at the snack food's rise in fame

Westend61 via Getty Images
Natural yoghurt with chia seeds and fruits in glass

With its power-boosting protein and good-for-you bacteria, few foods are as healthy and delicious as yogurt. Whether served plain or combined with fruit, portable and packaged yogurt has became a staple in most people’s diet.

But how did that happen? Derived from the Turkish language and the root yog meaning “condense” or “intensify,” legend has it that yogurt started out as a happy accident and grew to become an industry grossing over $1 billion in the ‘90s. In partnership with iögo, here’s a timeline of yogurt’s rise to fame. There are many legends about the derivatives of the popular snack and here are some of the most interesting ones.

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