04/26/2016 11:42 EDT | Updated 04/26/2016 11:49 EDT

'Noxious Substance' Released At 3 Cineplex Theatres In Ontario

Police say the effects were similar to the symptoms caused by pepper spray.

TORONTO — Cineplex Entertainment says the remaining screening of the Tamil movie "Theri'' has been cancelled in the Greater Toronto Area following "incidents'' at three theatres.

Peel Regional Police say they are investigating after a "noxious substance'' was released at two separate movie theatres in Brampton and Mississauga.

They say the incidents are believed to be linked as both took place during the movie's screening at about 7:20 p.m. on Friday.

Cineplex says a similar incident took place at a Toronto theatre also on Friday evening.

A Cineplex spokeswoman says all three cinemas were evacuated. (Photo: CP)

Police say the effects of the noxious substance were similar to the symptoms caused by pepper spray.

They say some theatre patrons were treated by paramedics at the scene and required no further medical assistance.

Cineplex spokeswoman Sarah Van Lange says each incident was localized to a single auditorium but all three cinemas were evacuated "in an abundance of caution.''