04/26/2016 14:56 EDT | Updated 04/27/2017 01:12 EDT

Peladeau says his chief of staff asks to be relieved of his duties

QUEBEC — Parti Quebecois Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau says his chief of staff has asked to be relieved of his duties.

Peladeau says Pierre Duchesne will stay on as an adviser.

There have been reports that Duchesne's management style did not go down well with many members of the PQ. 

Duchesne is a former PQ member of the legislature who served in cabinet before being defeated in the 2014 election.

He became Peladeau's chief of staff last year.

He will be replaced by Annick Belanger, who has been serving as Peladeau's communications director.

Duchesne is a former Radio-Canada reporter.


The Canadian Press