04/26/2016 04:09 EDT | Updated 04/27/2016 11:07 EDT

St. Louis Blues Fan Hilariously Learns To Love Hockey In Just 1 Game

"This s*** lit as f*** lmaooooooo."

All it took was a single NHL playoff game to make Tony X. a hockey fan.

The Twitter user became an online celebrity as he hilariously live-tweeted a matchup between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday night.

At left, Twitter user Tony X. At right, St. Louis Blues players celebrate a goal. (Photo: Twitter/Getty Images)

The game had hardly started when Tony was hooked by the on-ice action.

He didn't quite grasp the game from the outset.

But he was determined to learn it quickly.

And a love of the sport developed very quickly.

He learned about some of the sport's best players.

And offered some strategy tips.

And what happens what a team is down by a single goal with minutes left to play.

He also saw how tough the game can be.

One game was enough to turn him off baseball.

And make him the new 6ix god.

He learned that hockey is an emotional game.

And it's a good thing he already had plans to move north.

Perhaps he can be persuaded to live-tweet the NHL playoffs in their entirety?

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