04/27/2016 06:03 EDT | Updated 04/28/2016 10:51 EDT

Anti-Trudeau Truck Sign Might Be 'Offensive' But It's Legal: RCMP

A truck sign slamming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is causing people around Strathcona County, Alta. to raise their eyebrows.

The sign features photos of the premier and prime minister, as well as the words "Next Elections: Ditch the b*tch! Punt the c*nt!"

Truck owner Andy Styles told Global News he wanted to shock people.

“I chose a message that I felt in no uncertain terms would show my absolute disgust for both the provincial and federal governments," Styles said.

He cited concerns such as the federal government's exclusion of Edmonton from extended EI benefits, and the state of Alberta's economy.

Despite the distracting nature of the sign, RCMP say they have no plans to charge Styles.

“Things that are offensive are not necessarily criminal," Strathcona County RCMP spokesperson Gibson Glavin told 660 News.

Last year, an Edmonton man was fined $543 for posting a "F*ck Harper" sign in the back window of his hatchback.

The case was later moved to provincial court, where the judge will release a decision in July, ThinkPol reported.

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