04/27/2016 11:18 EDT

11 Bridal Shower Themes For A Personalized Party

Throw a party that perfectly fits her personality.

If summer is wedding season, then spring is wedding shower season. Fortunately when they’re thoughtfully planned, wedding showers can be a lot of fun: a chance to get together with friends while drinking mimosas and eating appetizers or tea sandwiches.

But if you’ve ever been responsible for planning a shower, you know just how much work can be involved in making the event a success. There are a lot of things to coordinate: food, drinks, games, location, decorations, guests. You need to consider how to reflect the tone and formality of the wedding itself while both keeping the bride’s personality in mind and making her mother happy. And you often have to put together something that will appeal both to the guest of honour’s 20-something cousin and her 70-something grandmother, with several generational stops in between.

Having a solid theme to base the shower around can make all of that a lot easier to pull off. There’s something freeing about applying a framework to all the choices you have to make — and let’s be honest, picking a theme and running with it is just plain fun. Here are 11 shower themes that are a great fit for a variety of situations — and a variety of brides-to-be.

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