04/27/2016 03:57 EDT

Daybreaker Toronto: An Inside Look At The Daytime Rave Scene

Time to rise and shine dance!

That's the idea behind Daybreaker, a series of raves hosted in several cities, including Toronto. It's got the usual hallmarks of raves: bumping music, crowds of hundreds of people and lots of strobing lights.

But there's a few key differences. For starters, there's no booze. Just freshly brewed coffee and pressed juice. The attire's changed up too, with participants trading in typical clubbing outfits for athletic gear. Oh and forget the late-night/early morning after mission to get back home.

That's because Daybreaker takes place around 6:00 a.m. on weekdays.

Its current iteration comes courtesy of a New York group of friends who wanted to combine mindfulness, wellness, self expression, camaraderie and mischief with the vibe of a late-night party.

Curious? You can check out the video above for a taste or relive the Toronto session here.

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