04/27/2016 12:52 EDT

Lundbreck Falls Cliff Jump Caught On Video

"Yeah we’re definitely not promoting it."

Don't try this.

An Alberta daredevil took a big risk Sunday when he hopped a wire fence before leaping off the top of an icy waterfall. The daring stunt was uploaded to YouTube.

"No way man, no way!" shouts Colin Ross from behind the camera, as he records Chris Mezei's leap into Lundbreck Falls.

At 12-metres high, falls are located in southern Alberta, near Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass.

The falls are beautiful, but dangerous, with hidden rocks near the base.

A kayaker died after a fatal plunge into the falls, according to the Pincher Creek Echo.

Chris Mezei leaps from the top of Lundbreck Falls, Alta. (Photo: Colin Ross/YouTube)

While it's not illegal to jump from the falls, it's not a good idea, Const. Sean McKenna told CBC News.

Under the Alberta Provincial Parks Act, the pair could have been stopped if a conservation officer was present.

In an interview with Global News, Mezei said he's not condoning others to follow in his wet footsteps.

“People get hurt everyday doing this [cliff jumping] and yeah we’re definitely not promoting it," Mezei said.

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