04/27/2016 05:05 EDT | Updated 04/27/2016 05:07 EDT

McDonald's New Chicken McNugget Recipe Appeals To Health-Conscious Customers

It's a McNugget "parents can feel good about."

McDonald's is rolling out a new Chicken McNugget that it says "parents can feel good about."

The fast food chain began trying a new recipe for the menu item in its Washington and Oregon locations last month, Reuters reported.

The new McNuggets are mostly the same but they don't have any artificial preservatives.

A McDonald's 10-piece Chicken McNuggets is photographed at the Times Square location in New York on March 4, 2015. (Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

They're "still made with 100 per cent white meat chicken, no artificial flavours or colours," a spokesman told Fortune.

It's unclear whether the new McNuggets will be made available beyond those U.S. states.

The new McNuggets come after McDonald's announced last year it would no longer sell chicken that had been treated with antibiotics, Reuters said.

And it's not the only thing the chain is doing to reinvent itself.

Bigger Mac

McDonald's is also introducing both smaller and larger versions of its Big Mac burger.

It is already serving them in Ohio and Dallas — but like the new McNuggets, there's no word on when they'll be available in Canadian restaurants.

The McDonald's Big Mac. (Photo: Barcroft/Getty Images)

McDonald's is also installing its "Create Your Taste" program in 1,000 Canadian locations.

It allows diners to customize their own burgers, as well as order food at self-serve kiosks and enjoy table service.

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