04/27/2016 03:24 EDT | Updated 04/27/2016 03:26 EDT

New Jersey Cop Tackles Man Before He Jumps Off Bridge

One New Jersey cop's quick reflexes saved a man's life.

Riverdale police Sgt. Greg Bogert managed to stop a distraught man from jumping off a highway bridge Monday, according to dashcam video posted by the department.

Bogert attended a call of a man walking in and out of highway traffic and arrived to find him upset. The officer tried to calm him down, but the man ran to the concrete barrier to try to jump off.

Luckily for him, though, Bogert was fast.

"Don't fucking do it!" the cop yelled as he tackled him just in time and held him down.

The officer told that he didn't censor his language because, while he could see the man eyeing the bridge, he was unsure whether he'd catch him in time.

The man, who police say yelled “My family is dead. I just want to die,” was taken to hospital to get psychological help, according to a news release.

Bogert told that the man's family is alive.

The cop has since been hailed a hero, but this isn't the first time he's been recognized for his work.

In 2010, he helped resuscitate a baby that wasn't breathing, according to, and was honoured with an award.

You can watch the whole rescue in the video above.

If you're considering suicide, here are some places you can call to get help.

911: If you are in crisis or have harmed yourself, the first thing to do is call 911.

Alberta Distress Centre: 403-266-HELP (4357) or 780-482-HELP

British Columbia Crisis Line: 310-6789 (do not add 604, 778 or 250)

Manitoba Suicide Line: 1-877-435-7170

New Brunswick Chimo Helpline: 1-800-667-5005

Newfoundland and Labrador Crisis Line: 1-888-737-4668

Northwest Territories Helpline: 1-800-661-0844

Nova Scotia Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team: 1-888-429-8167

Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line: 1 800 265 3333

Ontario Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600, live chat

Prince Edward Island Helpline: 1-800-218-2885

Quebec Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-866-APPELLE (277-3553)

Saskatchewan Province-wide Health Information: 811, where there's a mental health worker on staff

Regina Crisis/Suicide Line: 306-525-5333

Southwest Saskatchewan Crisis Services: 1-800-567-3334

Kids Help Phone (for children or youth aged 5 to 20, Canada-wide): 1-800-668-6868

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