04/27/2016 03:35 EDT

Rainy Day Outfits: Proof You Can Wear Virtually Anything With Rain Boots

Seriously though.

With the amount of rain Mother Nature has been gifting us with (hey, it is April after all), we've faced a major wardrobe dilemma: what to wear in the rain.

This led us to do a quick "rainy day outfits" search on Pinterest in order to get some inspo on stylish ensembles that are still practical for those wet, muggy days.

What we found was that you can pretty much wear anything in the rain, so long as you have a good pair of rain boots, a rain jacket and/or umbrella. Not exactly groundbreaking, we know, but hear us out: our biggest lesson learned here was that almost everything looks good with rain boots, so long as you have the right pair.

Yes, we're talking pairing your boots with jeans, leggings, dresses, shorts, skirts and even tutus, though we wouldn't recommend wearing that last one in the rain. And while we're on that topic, we'd also nix anything leather, suede or fur (faux or real), as they'll get ruined and you'll end up looking like a wet dog.

Need some visual proof that rain boots go with virtually everything? Check out some great rainy day outfit ideas below:

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