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BioWare's Drama-Filled Canada Goose Cam Made Us Drop Everything

Take a gander.

Gamers anxiously awaiting the latest RPG offering from BioWare now have a very Canadian way to bide their time.

The Edmonton-based video game studio launched a live goose cam on Monday to monitor a pair Canada geese that decided to roost on the company roof.

The two fowls are named 'Ganders' and 'Arishonk,' wordplay on the names of two Dragon Age 2 characters.

Ganders, the mother, mostly spends her time sleeping (the live feed plays epic video game music while she slumbers). Father Arishonk is usually off camera, fetching food or keeping an eye on the nest from afar.

The cam has inspired some to make geeky fan-art in tribute of the geese.

The company says they set up the 24/7 feed to sate curious questions about the geese.

"How many eggs did Ganders lay? When will they hatch? Do geese like Mass Effect? From 1-10, how cute is a baby goose?" wrote the company on YouTube.

One of the questions has already been answered. An adorable gaggle of goslings broke out of their shells Thursday morning.

The company — which is behind popular game franchises including Dragon Age and Mass Effect — is now hosting a naming bracket for the young goslings on Twitter:

The adorable idea might have come from sitcom Silicon Valley, which featured a tech company that set up a condor cam on its website.

If you're bored, give the goose cam a gander — it's for a good cause. BioWare is collecting donations for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton.

Watch BioWare's live goose cam above.

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