04/29/2016 01:12 EDT | Updated 04/29/2016 01:37 EDT

Wisconsin Parents Can Face Fine If Their Kids Are Bullies

The fine is meant to curb bullying by holding parents accountable.

Well, that's one way to crack down on bullying!

Parents in Shawano, Wisc. could face a $366 fine if their kids bully others, according to a new city law.

Police in the Wisconsin town are trying to curb bullying by holding parents accountable if they find their child fits the description.

"It creates an avenue for us to work with parents to help find solutions," Shawano Police Chief Mark Kohl told WGBA.

Parents of students under the age of 18 will be given a 90-day warning from police if their child is caught bullying others. The definition of bullying includes physical, verbal and cyberbullying. Police will be working with the Shawano School District to identify which children are bullying and promptly notify the parents.

If the child is found to still be bullying and the parent doesn't do anything to stop it, they will be charged the hefty fine. If the child commits a second offence within a year, the fine almost doubles to $681.

According to Kohl, many parents don't realize their child is being a bully, and the hope is that these fines will help them be more aware of their child's actions and prevent the bullying from continuing.

Naturally, this new law has created some divided opinions, with some parents embracing the fine and others saying it doesn't help the core issues of bullying.

“I really believe parents should just discipline their kids in the right way, and I think it’s a good idea,” one woman told WGBA.

“People got to learn to get along with each other…I don’t think fining is the answer to it,” said another.

What do you think of this law? Should parents be fined if their child is a bully? Let us know in the comments below!

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