04/29/2016 04:15 EDT

Five-Year-Old Emily James Cuts And Donates Hair For A Second Time For Canadian Cancer Society

Two years ago, a video of a three-year-old girl cutting her hair for cancer patients went viral. Emily James melted everyone's hearts when she got a matching haircut with her Rapunzel doll to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Flash forward to 2016 and James (now five) has cut her hair for a second time for the same cause. And of course, her father Richard James was there to document it all.

For her second cut, Emily returned to her "Uncle Maffew's" (a.k.a Matthew Collins) salon, Brennen Demelo Studio in Toronto.

"I made a video when I was three years old," Emily explains in her new video, "Emily's Hair: Second Cut." "My video had I think 100 or something people watching it (ed. note: there are actually more than 5.5 million views on the original YouTube clip)...I got to meet some little girls that were my age that had cancer. First I felt sad about them and then I started to have fun with them and play with them."

She continues, "I'm going to cut my hair again and someone's going to make it into a wig so other people can enjoy wearing it."

She explains that when people have cancer "that means all their hair falls off their heads" and that "people glue hats on that's like a hat made of hair so other people can wear it and have hair."

And even at her young age, Emily understands the hardships of cancer and losing hair due to chemotherapy.

"It won't feel very nice to not have hair," she says. "You know when someone gets a cookie and you don't? And you're feeling like, 'Ugh! It's not fair, I should get a cookie and they should get a cookie!'"

She finishes off the vid with a fresh new bob and says, "I feel great about sharing my hair with other people because it really helps them."

Watch the video above and get your tissues ready.

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