04/29/2016 11:31 EDT

12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, Is #FitnessGoals

She ended up running an extra 10 miles after getting onto the wrong road race.

So, what have you done with your life lately?

A 12-year-old girl from New York made us question our fitness levels when she accidentally ran an extra 16 kilometres after getting onto the wrong road race.

LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada had originally signed up for a 5 km race that took place last Sunday as part of Rochester's Regional Health Flower City Challenge.

When she arrived to the starting line, Rodriguez-Espada thought she was late, so she began running with the other runners. However, what she didn't realize was that she was accidentally running with those running the half-marathon on the 21 km course and not in the 5 km that she registered for.

"She decided, 'You know what, I'm in already, I'm going to finish it.'"

After realizing she was running for longer than expected (she had been training for the 5 km for two months), she asked a fellow runner what was happening, which was how she found out she was in the wrong race.

"She decided, 'You know what, I'm in already,'" her mom, Brendalee Espada, told ABC News. "'I'm going to finish it.'"

Ooops! But, no harm done! Our new fitness inspiration completed the half-marathon in 2:43:31. (Congrats, girl!)

According to the National Post, Rodriguez-Espada's mom got worried when she didn't spot her daughter at the 5K finish line.

"I started crying," Espada said. "I got scared. I got confused."

Fortunately, the pair reunited when the sixth-grader finished her long(er) race. "I ran to her and hugged her, and I was crying and she was like, 'Mommy, are you okay?'" Espada said. "It's a miracle that she was able to finish it.

"I am amazed that she was able to finish without proper training," Espada added. "I was in shock. I was surprised."

Now that's some serious #fitspo.

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