04/30/2016 12:14 EDT | Updated 05/01/2017 01:12 EDT

A night in the Fring's kitchen with Susur Lee and Bobby Flay

Two culinary stars aligned in Toronto this week, as American celebrity chef Bobby Flay stepped into chef Susur Lee's kitchen at Fring's on King Street West to team up for a six-course tasting menu.

Flay prepared three dishes from his new restaurant in New York, Gato, and Lee made three dishes inspired by his several Toronto restaurants. 

"I think they will be tasting something that has different notes, like music," Lee said. "A party in your mouth."  

Lee's sons, Kai and Levi Bent-Lee came up with the idea to invite Flay to Toronto for the collaboration dinner. 

"It literally was a phone call," Flay said. 

Both Lee and Flay have been longtime friends and fellow Iron Chef competitors. 

"I've always had so much incredible respect for him," Flay said.

"If I get a chance to cook alongside Susur Lee in his kitchen, I can do that for one night for sure," Flay said. 

Lee describes Toronto's food scene as "global."

"Canadians want to show the world what we have here," Lee said. 

"The culinary scene is a great destination to come and visit Canada," Lee said. 

So will chef Bobby Flay ever open up a restaurant in Canada? 

"People always ask me, 'Please open a restaurant here,' which I won't do, because I don't want to compete with the local Toronto chefs, they're too good," Flay said.

"For now, I'll say I want to be a visitor and just come to Toronto for dinner."