04/30/2016 17:59 EDT | Updated 05/01/2017 01:12 EDT

Vancouver begins crackdown on unlicensed medical marijuana businesses

VANCOUVER — The City of Vancouver has begun cracking down on unlicensed medical marijuana shops.

Prominent pot activist Jodie Emery says at least two dispensaries were issued $250 fines today, including Eden Medicinal Society which is located directly above a vapour lounge and glass shop that she owns.

The owner of Eden declined to comment on the enforcement measures.

Regulation began last year when the medical marijuana business began growing across Vancouver, but the city refused to grant permits to 140 dispensaries because they didn't comply with rules such as being too close to schools.

Today is the first day inspectors have enforced the regulations on stores that did not meet the rules, but were allowed to stay open through a six-month grace period.

Emery says the regulations are arbitrary and enforcing them will be expensive and do more harm than good.

The Canadian Press