05/03/2016 01:06 EDT | Updated 05/04/2016 10:28 EDT

Canada's Census Is Back And Canadians Are Losing Their S**t

This country.

The list of classic stereotypes that the world associates with being a Canadian includes liking maple syrup, loving hockey and enjoying free healthcare.

But being excited about data gathering? That's a new one.

And yet that's what the world will think when it gazes upon these selfies that Canadians took with their census forms, positively elated over having to fill out a mandatory government form.

It's embarrassingly amazing:

Canadians' "enthusiasm" for the census, which was made mandatory again by the Liberal government, appears to be behind the Statistics Canada website going down for 45 minutes on Monday night, according to CBC News.

The forms, which contain online access codes for the census, started rolling out on Monday:

Of course, people weren't happy about that:

OH COME ON! #census #nerd

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Shine on, you nation of data-loving nerds. Shine on:

I guess i am a full on adult now having to complete a #census #adulting #photoaday

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Twitter also gladly rose to the occasion and delivered some golden commentary on the census excitement:

At least this is one stereotype we can all get excited about.

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