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DIY Beauty: Crimp Your Hair At Home Like A Pro

No need to worry about all that heat.

You really don't need us to tell you that the '80s were a majestic time for hair. You, along with the rest of the world, already know that.

Hair in the '80s was all about volume, hairspray, back-combing and height (the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, so they say).

And the hairstyle all the girls were raging over? Crimped hair — that perfectly textured, kinked, weirdly curled "I just rolled out of bed" 'do that could out stand even the earth's most powerful elements (it was that gelled into place).

Now, to get the look back in the day, you needed a crimper. However, crimping irons weren't the best for your hair. They literally fried your locks when used too often. And nowadays, a crimper is nearly impossible to find in a salon, which is a major bummer since the '80s trend is making a comeback...

Don't believe us? It's true. We've seen everyone from Gigi Hadid to Bella Thorne flaunt the look in a modern way. Still wild, but relatively tamed.


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So how can you crimp your hair without all the heat damage? With tin foil!

Aluminum foil acts as a barrier against the direct heat from your styling tool, protecting your locks in the process.

In the video above, we show you how to crimp your hair without all that pesky damage. Sure, you'll look a little silly wrapping your twisted locks in the foil, but the results are amazing. And instead of having to search the seven seas (or your mom's basement) trying to find yourself a crimper, you can use your good old straightener for this process.

For a sleek, protected look, remember to use a hair oil or serum before putting your hail in the foil. This will give your locks that extra bit of moisture before the application.

For a complete step-by-step guide on how to crimp your hair, watch the video above!

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