05/03/2016 09:02 EDT | Updated 05/04/2016 03:36 EDT

Fort McMurray Fire: Albertans Open Homes To Families Displaced In Evacuation

Way to go, Alberta.

Let this serve as yet another reminder of just how generous Albertans can be.

A massive wildfire burning in and around Fort McMurray led to the largest fire-related evacuation the province has ever seen. The city of 60,000 people was ordered cleared as an inferno continued to consume homes.

Almost immediately, neighbouring Albertans opened their homes to displaced evacuees, using the hashtag #ymmhelps to spread the word.

Many suggested donations of bottled water or cash to help.

Others offered anything from a couch to crash on...

... to a space for those fleeing with their pets or livestock.

Some even offered shelter for news teams forced from their hotels.

The Alberta Red Cross also set up a page for those looking to make cash donations.

The Fort McMurray Evacuee Open Source Help Page Facebook page was also filled with commenters eager to pitch in with whatever they could.

Soon enough, the hashtag was trending — and this tweet summed it up best:

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