05/03/2016 14:26 EDT | Updated 05/04/2017 01:12 EDT

Gut-wrenching images of urban climber in Fredericton spark concern

FREDERICTON — His family is worried about his safety, and police are, too.

But 18-year-old Noah Kingston says his recent death-defying stunts as a so-called urban climber in Fredericton — all captured in jaw-dropping videos posted on social media — are just the beginning.

Kingston says he wants to keep climbing higher on buildings, bridges, cranes and towers, without permission and without safety equipment.

His latest video — posted last week — shows him walking on the steel girders beneath a large highway bridge high above the Saint John River.

Other YouTube videos and Instagram images show Kingston scaling the sides of industrial buildings, climbing huge construction cranes and radio towers, and balancing on a railing on the roof of a parking garage.

He says police have escorted him away from some of the sites he's climbed, but they have yet to lay any charges.

The Canadian Press