05/03/2016 11:46 EDT | Updated 05/04/2016 10:30 EDT

Justin Trudeau Shows Prince Harry How Canadians Behave In A Hockey Rink

This was expected.

Ed Sheeran stunt double Prince Harry was in Toronto Monday to start the countdown to the 2017 Invictus Games, set to take place in Toronto.

The young royal, who created the tournament in 2013 for veteran and active members of armed forces, later attended a sledge hockey match with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

At the game, which took place at Ryerson University's Mattamy Athletic Centre, the prime minister successfully showed at least some composure around the prince.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, left, Prince Harry, centre, and Justin Trudeau walk into the rink at the Mattamy Athletic Centre on May 2, 2016. So far so good. (Getty Images)

But then Trudeau, a Canadian, remembered he was in a rink. With ice. And hockey.

This can't end well:

Thumbs up, composure down. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry clearly knows what's about to happen. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

Once the two got settled at the players' bench, Trudeau just couldn't contain his excitement:

Hockey is happening, therefore hi-fives are happening. (Getty Images)

Tory couldn't hold it in either:

(Getty Images)

"Goodness, is this what all elected officials look like?" the prince thought to himself. (Getty Images)

Trudeau isn't even trying to stay cool at this point:

(Getty Images)

Oh, thank god. Trudeau's official photographer, Adam Scotti, is here to calm him down:

"Justin, your hands, no," (Getty Images)

"NEED SOMETHING TO DO. YOUTH. ENERGY. SPORTS," Trudeau screamed internally. (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Well, that sort of worked:

(Getty Images)

There you have it. Example #342,447 of how Canadians behave when hockey occurs.

Trudeau also kept the sports rivalry going between him, the prince and U.S. President Barack Obama with a video that involves push-ups and a mic drop.

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