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12 Mother's Day Ideas That Will Show Her How Much You Care

These ideas double as gifts.

Finding the perfect gift for Mom is a monster task — nothing ever seems good enough and when you finally find something semi-worthy, it's usually out of your price range.

So what do you get the woman who's given you pretty much everything (including life itsself)? According to a survey by online marketplace Retail Me Not, 23 per cent of moms just want a nice meal, while 13 per cent would simply be happy with a day off. Other desirable gifts include the classics like flowers, jewelry and chocolate.

But we can all agree the one thing Mom does want in her life is spending more time with her kids. And if you haven't hung out in a while, this is your time to treat her.

Below we rounded up 12 Mother's Day ideas that are beyond just the gifts — and simply about getting to know her better as a friend. Let us know, what are you plans for Mother's Day?

  • Coding Workshop
    Coding Workshop
    Ladies Learning Code is a non-profit that runs workshops on topics like HTML and Wordpress, for both adults and children. This year for Mothers Day they’re running mother-daughter workshops in multiple Canadian cities — it’s a great chance to spend time together, support a good cause, and gain a valuable skill.
  • Spa Day
    Spa Day
    Spending some time at a spa together is a classic choice for a reason, because who would turn down a chance to relax and beautify with Mom? Spas around the country will be offering specials on and around Mothers Day, like Interlude Spa in Halifax, which has a variety of packages, both to share and to give Mom some time on her own. As well, gives you access to over 100 spas from across the country, and is currently offering 15 per cent off gift cards in honour of Mother's Day.
  • Yoga Class
    Yoga Class
    Exercise and relax together by teaming up for a yoga class — maybe as a way to burn off some of your Mother's Day brunch? There are studios in B.C., Quebec, Toronto, and Calgary that offer a variety of mother-daughter classes from babies on up, but you could also just pick a favourite style and book you and Mom in.
  • Tea
    If you’ve never taken the opportunity to really enjoy tea, whether it’s high tea or a more contemporary ceremony, Mothers Day is a great time to try it. Consider high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, or truffles and tea at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Get charmed at The Dove's Nest in Calgary, or take in a Japanese ceremony at Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver. Plenty of hotels have similarly spectacular offerings.
  • Theatre
    You could see any variety of theatre shows with your mother on the second Sunday in May, but if you’re in the Kingston area, one event in particular sounds great. The city’s Grand Theatre is hosting an event on Mother’s Day that invites locals to get on stage and celebrate their own mothers, which should make for a personal and varied afternoon. Not nearby? Check local listings for large or small-scale productions that suit your mom's tastes.
  • Volunteer
    How about spreading some love around on Mother's Day by teaming up with your mother and doing some good work in the community? Many organizations could use a hand, so think about a cause that speaks to you both and make some calls. If you have the ability, you may even consider volunteering abroad together as a long-term project, like this mother-daughter duo did in Kenya. If you’ve got children of your own, this is a great way to expose them to the value of helping others.
  • Adventure
    If you and mom are the outdoorsy types, you’re probably not going to want to spend the day getting pedicures. How about taking the chance to explore some of the natural beauty in your area instead by booking in a day tour? For example, in the St. John’s area you can go on day-long tours to visit nearby outport communities or see local birds — but in a country as vast as Canada, your options are endless.
  • Do A Run
    Do A Run
    How about spreading some love around on Mother's Day by teaming up with your mother and doing some good work in the community? Many organizations could use a hand, so think about a cause that speaks to you both and make some calls. If you have the ability, you may even consider volunteering abroad together as a long-term project, like this mother-daughter duo did in Kenya. If you’ve got children of your own, this is a great way to expose them to the value of helping others.
  • Go To The Zoo
    Go To The Zoo
    Oogling mother-baby animal combos is fun no matter where in the country you are, but if you’re in Saskatoon you have a chance to add some value to your Mother’s Day visit to the zoo, across the generations. The Saskatoon Zoo Society offers the chance to follow along with the feeders, followed by breakfast.
  • Watch The Ballet
    Watch The Ballet
    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s final performance of the season happens to fall on Mother’s Day this year, which makes it a great chance to both soak up some of the country’s best culture and give Mom an unforgettable Mother’s Day.
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  • Get Geraniums
    Get Geraniums
    The Mom: Traditional The Flower: Geraniums Make It Stand Out: Geraniums are also seen as "traditional" flowers at most garden centres. To make your gift stand out, try putting your geraniums into a hanging basket.
  • Purple Orchids
    Purple Orchids
    The Mom: Modern The Flower: Orchids Make It Stand Out: If your mom is all business, buy her a vase of purple orchids. She can keep these outside or at her desk at work.
  • New Mom
    New Mom
    The Mom: New mom The Plant: Baby tears Make It Stand Out: If there's a new mom in the family, all the attention is usually paid to the new baby. Baby tears have tiny little petals (that look like baby tears), and looks the best in terrariums or in a backyard rock garden.
  • Wild Momma
    Wild Momma
    The Mom: The wild mom The Flower: Columbine Make It Stand Out: If your mom loves bending the rules and lives with a free spirit, columbines will help make any of her spaces stand out.
  • The Super Busy Mom
    The Super Busy Mom
    The Mom: Busy mom The Flower: Sedums Make It Stand Out: Sedums are low in maintenance and need little water. To surprise the mom who does it all, leave her a vase at work or at home.
  • The Athletic Mom
    The Athletic Mom
    The Mom: Mom who loves staying active The Plant: A veggie plant Make It Stand Out: If it was Mom who drove you to all your soccer games and still manages to keep up with her yoga schedule, she'll appreciate a minimal care veggie plant that she can devote her "free time" to.
  • The Hugger
    The Hugger
    The Mom: For the mom who can't stop hugging you The Flower: Forget-me-nots Make It Stand Out: We have huggers and then we have HUGGERS. If Mom is the latter and gets super emotional every time she seems you, make her love you even more with a pot of forget-me-nots.
  • Grandmothers
    The Mom: For the g-ma THE Plant: African violet Make It Stand Out: A classy flower for a classy lady. Buy your grandmother a bouquet of African violets this Mother's Day.
  • For The Travel Lover
    For The Travel Lover
    The Mom: For the mom on the go THE Plant: Fern Make It Stand Out: If she loves to travel or spend her time at the family cottage, give her a gift that she can bring with her. Pro tip: Get a glass terrarium.
  • The Mom Seeking Happiness
    The Mom Seeking Happiness
    The Mom: Mom who has been through it all The Flower: Sunflower Make It Stand Out: If 2013 was a tough year for Mom (maybe she lost someone or maybe she went through a divorce), brighten up her day by leaving her breakfast in bed with a bunch of sunflowers.
  • For The MIL
    For The MIL
    The Mom: The mother-in-law (who can take a joke) The Plant: Sansevieria Make It Stand Out: Sansevierias are basically flowering plants. If your MIL can take a joke, buy her a pot of these and label them, "mother-in-laws tongues".
  • The Cook
    The Cook
    The Mom: Mom who loves to cook The Plant: Chives Make It Stand Out: Chives are ideal if your mom loves to get creative in the kitchen. She can also cut up the chives and use them in her next meal.
  • The Spiritual Mom
    The Spiritual Mom
    The Mom: Spiritual The Flower: Lilies Make It Stand Out: If your mom is religious, spiritual, or just trying out meditation for the first time, lilies symbolize passion.
  • The Budget Lover
    The Budget Lover
    The Mom: Mom who stays on budget The Flower: Hydrangeas Make It Stand Out: Hydrangeas can last forever (well, for the most part) with proper love and care. If you (and your mom) love fresh flowers but don't like the price that comes with them, opt for pretty purple hydrangeas in a glass vase.
  • The Gardener
    The Gardener
    The Mom: Mom who loves her garden The Plant: Panicum Make It Stand Out: If Mom already has her green thumb, she'll obviously know that panicum (a species of grass) was crowned Perennial Plant of the Year. Regardless, she'll appreciate your garden knowledge.
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  • Daily Reminder
    Daily Reminder
    Your mom might pretend she doesn't like the sentimental stuff, but give her this pillow and just see how proudly she displays it on her couch. From $40,
  • Jewel Holder
    Jewel Holder
    At this point, your mom's amassed plenty of great jewelry, and she undoubtedly wants a special place to store, while also seeing it on display. Antique Silver Jewelry Boxes, from $79, Pottery Barn.
  • Carrying Case
    Carrying Case
    If your mom is more of a traveller, then she needs a place to keep her precious jewels safe while journeying around the world. This gorgeous envelope will do that — and double as a clutch in a pinch. Morelle & Co. Audrey Jewelry Envelope, $23.99,
  • Custom Watch
    Custom Watch
    A family photo grinning back at your whenever you check the time? Any new mom would love that, especially since the selections can come from her Instagram account. May 28th, $44US.
  • Watered Down
    Watered Down
    Mom's garden needs to grow, and there's no better way to help ensure that than this stellar watering can, known as one of the best brands in the world. Haws Traditional Watering Can, $105, Williams-Sonoma.
  • Cool It Down
    Cool It Down
    Mom might be the ultimate hostess, but even she can't make white wine instantly cold — but this gizmo can, which she'll appreciate for both quiet time and party time. Ravi Instant Wine Chiller, $38,
  • Safety First
    Safety First
    Make sure Mom's tablet is always nicely (and fashionably) enclosed in a padded spot. Marc by Marc Jacobs Zip Up Tablet Sleeve, $68US, Nordstrom.
  • Perfect Cook
    Perfect Cook
    Mom is obviously the best cook you know, but if she likes testing her boundaries, there's no better opportunity than following along with award-winning chefs (or at the very least, staring at their recipes' photos). The James Beard Foundation's Best of the Best, $43,
  • Everything In Its Place
    Everything In Its Place
    If your mom has a vanity table, or even a really lovely hallway table, she'll appreciate this stunning mirrored tray that will make even the random stuff from your pockets look great. American Atelier Round Mirror Tray, $30.30,
  • No Slipping
    No Slipping
    Whether Mom's doing headstands or just starting out in yoga, she'll love some more gear to help with her practice. Socks that ensure non-slippage (gloves are available too) will keep her warm in the winter months as well. Jogi Yoga Socks, $10, Real Canadian Superstores.
  • Getting Hot In Here
    Getting Hot In Here
    If Mom's saute pan is getting a little dinged up, a new one will be greatly appreciated, especially when it's of Le Creuset quality. Saute Pan, $200, Le Creuset.
  • Put Your Name On It
    Put Your Name On It
    There's something so elegant about having monogrammed soaps in your powder room, and Mom will really appreciate the crisp towels that accompany this gift set too. Williams-Sonoma Home Monogrammed Soap & Towel Gift Set, $88.
  • Tea Service
    Tea Service
    If your Mom has a taste for colourful housewares and a penchant for mint tea, this Moroccan-inspired tea set will be right up her alley. Moroccan Tea Set, $76,
  • Flowers That Last
    Flowers That Last
    Who doesn't love flowers — especially the kind that will never wilt? These fabric beauties will make Mom smile whenever she sees them. Fabric tulips, $51, Etsy.
  • Bagged
    It's time for Mom to put away her winter purse and start enjoying something a bit more summery. This tote will take her from work to the weekend, easily able to carry all her essentials. Candy Cross Tote, $165, Over the Rainbow.
  • Carried Away
    Carried Away
    Meanwhile, if she's in need of something a bit more substantial for any getaways she's planning for the rest of the year, a sturdy bag could be exactly what she's looking for. Saddle leather and canvas weekender bag, $344, Pottery Barn.
  • With A Flourish
    With A Flourish
    Considering how rarely people write these days, doesn't it seem worthwhile to have a pen you really love? Acme Studios makes a wide variety of options, like this Norman Moore "Paint Splash" pen, to make a statement. Acme Pen, approximately $95, Stylus Fine Pens.
  • Phoning It In
    Phoning It In
    How often does it happen where your mom's mobile rings, but she has no idea where it is? Ensure she'll always keep track of her phone with this cute carrying case (complete with a strap she can hang on to). Foley & Corinna City Mirror Phone Case, $61.86,
  • Whale Of A Time
    Whale Of A Time
    If your mom loves animals and has a bit of a quirky sense of style for the house, this papier-mâché marine sculptures could be just the thing she's been seeking for over the fireplace. Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures, from $110, West Elm.
  • Toned Water
    Toned Water
    If your mom keeps insisting she doesn't want anything, bring her this low-budget ombre pitcher, the perfect accessory for outdoor entertaining that she won't be able to resist. PC Ombre Pitcher, $9, Real Canadian Superstores.
  • Music To Her Ears
    Music To Her Ears
    Whether Mom loves camping or just hanging in her backyard, this foldable chair, which includes built-in speakers, will definitely get her seeing a lot more of the outdoors. Tera Gear Musical Camp Chair With Speakers, $24, Real Canadian Superstores.
  • Flavoured H2O
    Flavoured H2O
    You hear about the benefits of, say, putting lemon in your water, so why not make it even easier for Mom to get healthier on her daily walks? PC Tritan Bottle With Infuser, $7, Real Canadian Superstores.
  • Sitting Room
    Sitting Room
    If Mom has a growing family, but doesn't want to invest in a ton of new furniture, a pouf could be everything she wants to help create more chairs for her loved ones — plus, it will give the room a real pop of colour. Small Round Pouf With Varied Hand Embroidered Motifs, $79, Artemano.
  • Whistle While You Work
    Whistle While You Work
    Mom has all the tea (and mugs) she can handle from Mother's Days past, so isn't it time you replaced her cruddy old teapot with something fashionable and fun? Circulon 'Morning Bird' Capri Turquoise Enameled Stainless Steel 2-quart Tea Kettle, $40,
  • In Living Colour
    In Living Colour
    Could there be a more ideal frame for a child's (or grandchild's) handiwork? Mom will love the handmade feel of this (but appreciate that it doesn't fall apart when she lifts it up). Colorful Pencil 5x7 Picture Frame, $35,
  • Bounce With Me
    Bounce With Me
    We know, we know, giving someone exercise equipment as a gift can be interpreted as an insult, but if Mom has been talking about how much she'd like to tone her arms (and not as a way to get compliments), this is an easy piece of equipment she'll love to have around. Jogi Gym Ball With Straps, $20, Real Canadian Superstores.
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  • Memo Board
    Memo Board
    Magnetic Chat Board, from $175, Ziggy's At Home Because mom needs a place to doodle, pin up pictures and occasionally, take down a message.
  • Wine Fridge
    Wine Fridge
    Koolatron Compact Wine Cellar, $115, Costco Because mom will love a place to store her bottles at the right temperature.
  • Terrarium
    Drop Glass Tillandsia Kit, $40, ShopTerrain Because a beautiful, hard-to-kill plant will look gorgeous in mom's house.
  • Throw Blanket
    Throw Blanket
    Softest Throw, $49, West Elm Because even if mom doesn't need this for herself, she wants to make sure her family will be warm if they do.
  • Double-Walled Glass
    Double-Walled Glass
    PAVINA double wall glass, $18 for 2, Bodum Because not all tea drinkers want to be sipping out of a mug.
  • Yoga Mat
    Yoga Mat
    Manduka PROlite® Mat 79'', $88, Manduka Because surprisingly, not all yoga mats are comfortable — but this one is.
  • Speaker Cube
    Speaker Cube
    Blucube marrakech, $52, Bergo Designs Because mom wants her tunes around her at all times, with a nice-looking design to match.
  • Salt Tequila Glasses
    Salt Tequila Glasses
    Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, from $34 for 4, Uncommon Goods Because she needs an opportunity to show off what she learned at that tequila tasting course.
  • Insta-Brew
    Keurig® Elite B40 Brewing System, $79, Walmart Because mom, like all of us, needs coffee NOW.
  • Monogram Pillow
    Monogram Pillow
    Monogram pillow, from $98, K Studio (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery). Because let's face it — monogrammed stuff is just cool, particularly when it has your family letter on it.
  • Family Necklace
    Family Necklace
    Mother's Family Necklace 2 Babies, $80, Figs & Ginger Because mom is proud of her brood, and isn't afraid to show it.
  • Google Tablet
    Google Tablet
    Google Nexus 7, $229, Google Because mom isn't afraid of the newest technology, and in fact, could show you a few tricks.
  • Vintage Monopoly
    Vintage Monopoly
    Vintage Bookshelf Monopoly, $39, Restoration Hardware Because mom can appreciate the aesthetic, the neatness and the chance to finally whoop your butt in this game.
  • Flavour Infuser Water Bottle
    Flavour Infuser Water Bottle
    Flavour Infuser Water Bottle, $17, Uncommon Goods Because water is boring, but we all have to drink it.
  • Champagne Glasses
    Champagne Glasses
    Inside Out Champagne Glasses, $70, MoMA Store Because mom deserves some champagne — and some gorgeous glasses to drink it in.
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  • Knotted Tea
    Knotted Tea
    Put some texture into your tea. PC Cableknit Tea Gift Set, $10, available at Real Canadian Superstore
  • Rock Drawings
    Rock Drawings
    Imagine Childhood
    Need some inspiration to get drawing? These "rocks" made from soy should do the trick. Crayon Rocks, $7.95 (US), available at Imagine Childhood.
  • Salt And Pepper Friends
    Salt And Pepper Friends
    Linen Chest
    Buddy Salt & Pepper Set, $12.95, available at Linen Chest.
  • "Cute" Cue Cards
    You're Cute: Cards To Break The Ice. $7.95, Available at
  • Snap Happy
    Snap Happy
    The Instagram lover in your life will never stop thanking you. The Selfie Taker, $20, available at Urban Outfitters
  • Precision Scale
    Precision Scale
    Linen Chest
    For those who need to know every gram. Orly Tara Precision Scale, on sale for $9.98, available at Linen Chest.
  • Cover Up
    Cover Up
    Life at Home Plaid and Sherpa Throw, $19, available at Real Canadian Superstore
  • Pet's Best Friend
    Pet's Best Friend
    Even your puppy needs something sweet to cuddle up to. Pop Art Dog Pillow, $9.99 available at HomeSense
  • Style Your Phone
    Style Your Phone
    iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases, $9, available at Real Canadian Superstore
  • Get Brewing
    Get Brewing
    Tea for 4 Set, $10, available at Stokes
  • Warm Hands, Can't Lose
    Warm Hands, Can't Lose
    Winter whites never looked so good. Tommy Hilfiger’s White Wool Mittens, $14.50, available at Tommy Hilfiger
  • Classic Fire Striker
    Classic Fire Striker
    Imagine Childhood
    Your outdoorsy friends may think it's a cheat, but we know there will be others who appreciate the ease of this one. Classic Fire Striker, $15, available at Imagine Childhood.
  • Elephant In The Hallway
    Elephant In The Hallway
    Magical Thinking Elephant Stamp Catch-All Dish, $6, available at Urban Outfitters
  • Candy Keg
    Candy Keg
    Because booze isn't everyone's indulgence. Gummy Bear Keg, $12, available at Urban Outfitters
  • Good Luck Charm
    Good Luck Charm
    Artsy Modern
    Forget rabbits' feet — good luck charms now come with a better design. Golden Horseshoe Good Luck, $14, available at Artsy Modern
  • Herb Saver
    Herb Saver
    Never let that dill go to waste again. Think Kitchen Fresh Herb Saver, $17.99, available at Stokes
  • Spy Master
    Spy Master
    Sick of your smartphone? Go old-school. World's Smallest Walkie Talkie, Set of 2, $15, available at Urban Outfitters
  • Hair Hacks
    Hair Hacks
    Fly Away Tamer Headband, $12, available at Lululemon
  • Holiday Read
    Holiday Read
    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, $14.50, available on
  • Hand Blender
    Hand Blender
    For the smoothie lover in your life, this device will be invaluable. Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender, $17, available at
  • Serious Chef Knife
    Serious Chef Knife
    Linen Chest
    A great knife that also adds some colour into the kitchen. Komachi 8" Chef Knife', $13.95, available at Linen Chest.
  • Digital Piggy Bank
    Digital Piggy Bank
    Finally, a truly great excuse to empty out your pockets when you get home. Digital Piggy Bank, $10, available at Stokes
  • Playing Games
    Playing Games
    Name Plate for a desk, Scrabble Office Decor, made to order, starting at $8, available on Etsy
  • Canadiana Buttons
    Canadiana Buttons
    Assembly of Text
    Yes, some people do love to wear their patriotism on their sleeves. Oh Canada Buttons, $10, available at Assembly of Text
  • Drinking Roulette Game
    Drinking Roulette Game
    Your buddy might appreciate you handing this to him just because his New Year's party. Drinking Roulette Game, $10, available at Stokes
  • Sochi 2014!
    Sochi 2014!
    The Bay
    Olympic Collection Canada Script Tuque, $20, available at The Bay
  • Glass Bottle
    Glass Bottle
    Old Faithful Shop
    A simple, but beautiful addition to a hostess' table. Pop-Top Glass Bottle, $12.95, available at Old Faithful Shop
  • Get Back To Childhood
    Get Back To Childhood
    Well, childhood with a twist — because those are shot glasses as your game pieces. Snakes and Ladders Game Set, $15, available at Stokes
  • Fancy Geek
    Fancy Geek
    Van Gogh's Starry Night Macbook Decal, $15.03, available on Etsy
  • Le Organizer
    Le Organizer
    Paris 1-2-3 Set of 3 Canisters, $15, available at Stokes
  • Lunch Kit
    Lunch Kit
    Perfect for parents who are shuttling kids from party to party. Chew Chew Train Place Setting, $20, available at Stokes
  • Coffee, Anyone?
    Coffee, Anyone?
    Café Cortado 13 Piece Coffee Set, $19.99, available at Stokes
  • Dino-Grow
    Silver T-Rex Dinosaur Planter, $16, available on Etsy
  • All The Gang's Together
    All The Gang's Together
    Fotobuddy Wall Photo Display, $20, available at Umbra
  • Back In Class
    Back In Class
    Assembly of Text
    Remember when these notebooks were a part of your daily life? Canada Journal, $14, available at Assembly of Text
  • Golden Coast
    Golden Coast
    Beautiful gift for someone who loves their wood furniture. Gilded Snowfall Coaster, $8, available at Anthropologie
  • Fridge Quotables
    Fridge Quotables
    Organized by theme, these magnets will make your grocery list that much more interesting. Refrigerator Magnet Set, $12.89, available on Etsy
  • Duck, Duck, Tea!
    Duck, Duck, Tea!
    Linen Chest
    Danesco Duck Tea Infuser, $9.95, available at Linen Chest.
  • Cushy Pup
    Cushy Pup
    Pop Art Dog Pillow, $5.99 available at HomeSense
  • Wall Art
    Wall Art
    Motto Think Less Wall Decor, $20, available at Umbra
  • Smooth And Sleek
    Smooth And Sleek
    Sprout Vase, $12.99 each, available at EQ3
  • Canada Cuteness
    Canada Cuteness
    Assembly of Text
    Map of Canada Onesie, $20, available at Assembly of Text
  • Science In Your Pocket
    Science In Your Pocket
    Chapters Indigo
    For the budding (or existing) horticulturalist in your life. Pocket Microscope, $12, available at Chapters Indigo
  • Take Hockey To The Beach
    Take Hockey To The Beach
    Future Shop
    NHL Montreal Canadiens Beach Towel, $9.88, available at Future Shop
  • Drinking And Reading
    Drinking And Reading
    Who knew beer could look so very beautiful? Beer Book, $4,99, available at HomeSense
  • Place Valuables Here
    Place Valuables Here
    Paris Jewelry Holder, $5, available at Stokes
  • Ring The Alarm
    Ring The Alarm
    The great lines of this clock might — might — make getting up a bit easier. J± Modern Alarm Clock Blue, $19, available at Real Canadian Superstore
  • Pooch Pouch
    Pooch Pouch
    Who can resist that face (when reaching for coins)? Pug Pouch, $9, available on Etsy
  • Tea Towel
    Tea Towel
    Mountain Bike Cotton Tea Towel, $17.19, available on Etsy
  • Coke Fiend
    Coke Fiend
    Vintage Bottle Spoon Rest and Wall Hanging, Coca Cola Collection, $19.34, available on Etsy
  • Kitchen Art
    Kitchen Art
    Kitchen Art Radish, $9.94, available on Etsy
  • Starry Night
    Starry Night
    STRÅLA Pendant Lamp, $14.99, available at Ikea
  • Splash Of Coffee?
    Splash Of Coffee?
    With a splash of colour! POP Mug, $9.95 for set of two, available at EQ3
  • Snuggling By The Fire
    Snuggling By The Fire
    Joe Fresh
    Print Sleep Set, $19, available at Joe Fresh
  • The Canadian Handbook
    The Canadian Handbook
    50 Canadians Who Changed The World, $18.80, available on
  • Pile On Pillows
    Pile On Pillows
    Drake General Store
    Shared History Winter Pillow Collection, $18 each, Drake General Store
  • Your Best Hef
    Your Best Hef
    Joe Fresh
    Fleece Robe, $19, available at Joe Fresh
  • Stamped
    The Penny Paper Co.
    Alphabet Stamp Set, $19.95, available at The Penny Paper Co
  • Keepin' It Warm
    Keepin' It Warm
    Lunch-Sized Crock Pot, $17.99, available on eBay.
  • Know Your Place
    Know Your Place
    The hostess with the mostest will love these for parties, and just for display too. Nate Berkus Elephant Place Card Holders, $9.99 for set of 2, Target.
  • I'm The Winner
    I'm The Winner
    Future Shop
    Artisan Collection Sports Trophy Mini Desktop Clock, $19.99, Future Shop.
  • No Blisters Here
    No Blisters Here
    Women's Ultimate Padded Run Sock, $14, available at Lululemon
  • Salad Queen
    Salad Queen
    Chef'n Emulstir, Emulsifier and Salad Dressing Mixer, $14.99, available at
  • Brit Pop
    Brit Pop
    Union Jack Frame, $12, available at Anthropologie
  • Antlers Help
    Antlers Help
    Moose Mug Can Cooler Koozie, $8.99, available on
  • Bits And Pieces
    Bits And Pieces
    West Elm
    7-Piece Tapas Set, $16.44, available at West Elm
  • The Splatterer
    The Splatterer
    Cook Cookbook Stand, $16, Urban Barn
  • Open In Private
    Open In Private
    WonderLand The PleasurePillar Vibe in Green, $18, available at
  • A Is For Apple
    A Is For Apple
    Chapters Indigo
    Gold Letter, $14.50, available at Chapters Indigo
  • Music Branches
    Music Branches
    Chapters Indigo
    Taking the headphone splitter to the next level, this doodad helps multiple people listen to the same song at once. Music Branches, $12.50, available at Chapters Indigo
  • Fish Out Of Water
    Fish Out Of Water
    OLUNDA Picture, $14.99, available at Ikea
  • Gazing Ball
    Gazing Ball
    Reenact your favourite scene from Labyrinth with this decorative piece. Nate Berkus Natural Stone Gazing Ball, $19.99, Target.
  • Who Has A Holiday Sense Of Humour?
    Who Has A Holiday Sense Of Humour?
    Ho, Ho, No. Grumpy Cat Ceramic Mug, $9.99, available at
  • Keeping Track
    Keeping Track
    Artsy Modern
    2014 Herbs And Spices Calendar, $16, available at Artsy Modern
  • Put A Bird On It
    Put A Bird On It
    The Cross
    Antique Bird Bottle Opener, $13.95, available at The Cross
  • Chocolate Set
    Chocolate Set
    The perfect amount to satisfy a last-minute chocolate craving. Green & Black's Organic Milk Collection, $9.99, available at select Target and Loblaws locations.
  • Show Your Roots
    Show Your Roots
    Shadow Vase, $19.99, available at EQ3
  • Where The F*#k Was I?
    Where The F*#k Was I?
    Kate Spade Expletive Bookmarks, $10, available at Chapters/Indigo
  • Cocooned Ears
    Cocooned Ears
    Faux Fur Earmuffs, $19.50, available at Chapters/Indigo
  • Striped Heat
    Striped Heat
    Kate Spade Thermal Mug, $18, available at Chapters/Indigo
  • Beautiful Travel
    Beautiful Travel
    LUXE City Guides, $10, available at
  • Lens Cup
    Lens Cup
    No one will ever know ... you have a mug with you. KJB Security Camera Lens Cup, $15, available at
  • Popped
    PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, $19.99, available at
  • Artist On The Run
    Artist On The Run
    Crayons, markers and pencils, all in one handy case. Micro Art Set, $10.95, AGO
  • Repeat After Me
    Repeat After Me
    A motion-sensor 'robot' that can record a 10-second message to terrify (or inspire) friends and family. Echo Bot Voice Messager, $19.95, AGO
  • Put The Change Down
    Put The Change Down
    Crate & Barrel
    Leather piggy bank, $19.84, Crate & Barrel
  • Leave A Message
    Leave A Message
    Assembly of Text
    If anyone you know has a mudroom, then this must go in it. ABC Chalkboard, $20, available at Assembly of Text
  • Kitchen Cutting
    Kitchen Cutting
    Starfrit Gourmet Multi Blade Herb Scissors, $9.99, available at
  • Pump That Phone!
    Pump That Phone!
    The park lover, the 'you have to hear this song' buddy and the dance party aficionado all need this. Meggabeat iPhone® 5 amplifier, $16.95, CB2
  • Watch That Ring
    Watch That Ring
    Crate & Barrel
    Mr. & Mrs. Ring Dish, $17.19, Crate & Barrel
  • Hold 'Em Down
    Hold 'Em Down
    West Elm
    Even if few people require paperweights anymore, these are still pretty enough to display. Glass Knot Paperweight, $19, West Elm.
  • Party Starter
    Party Starter
    David's Tea
    A little something for everyone at the party. Party Crackers With Tea, $16.50, David's Tea.
  • Listen Up
    Listen Up
    Best Buy
    Skullcandy Ink'd In-Ear Headphones, $19.99, available at Best Buy
  • Hanging Jewelry Holder
    Hanging Jewelry Holder
    Little Pink Dress, $20, available at Umbra
  • Twinkle Twinkle
    Twinkle Twinkle
    The Bay
    Reclaimed Wood Tea Light Holder, $19.95, available at The Bay
  • Baked Goods
    Baked Goods
    Linen Chest
    Danesco 12 Muffin pan with decorative tops, $14.99, available at Linen Chest.
  • Vintage Puzzle
    Vintage Puzzle
    Future Shop
    For that snowy Christmas day activity with Gramps, it doesn't get much better than this. Eurographics Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle, $16.98, available at Future Shop
  • Collector's Item
    Collector's Item
    Future Shop
    Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs, $19.99, available at Future Shop
  • Keep It Measured
    Keep It Measured
    Old Faithful Shop
    Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set, $15.95, available at Old Faithful Shop
  • '90s Music Trivia
    '90s Music Trivia
    Drake General Store
    Start the party right. 90's Music Trivia, $12, Drake General Store