05/05/2016 06:28 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 01:59 EDT

What The HuffPost Canada Editors Wore To Prom

Prom season is upon us (or at least, for those of you still in high school), which means the teens of today are busy finishing their promposals, putting the finishing touches on their dresses and tuxes, and prepping their acceptance speeches for Prom Queen or King.

For those of us who aren't in high school any longer, prom seems like a distant memory, one that some of us would prefer to forget.

But here's the thing: Prom is a monumental moment in most of our lives. Who could forget the big shopping expeditions we had with our parents and/or friends (at those classic prom stores we'll never forget, natch), in order to find that perfect outfit?

Prom was our red carpet moment, our personal Met Gala, where we got to dress up in front of the rest of our peers and put our first digital (or disposable!) cameras to good use.

In honour of prom season, we decided to share with you pictures from our proms, whether it was back in the '90s or as recent as 2012.

Check them out below!

HuffPost Canada Prom

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