05/06/2016 04:40 EDT | Updated 05/06/2016 04:59 EDT

Tory MP Arnold Viersen Drops Sweet Rhymes About Farming, Wheat

Sick beats, bro.

A rookie Conservative MP delivered a rhyming love letter to farmers in the House of Commons Friday.

Arnold Viersen, who represents the Alberta riding of Peace River—Westlock, rose before question period to pay tribute to those working the fields and criticize the Alberta NDP for its controversial farm safety legislation.

We decided to help Viersen out by adding some sick beats to his member's statement. Enjoy the video above.

Tory MP Arnold Viersen spits hot fire in the House. (Photo: Parlvu screengrab)

The full text of Viersen's remarks can be read below:

Springtime is here, our farmers are in their fields,

Assessing the moisture, gauging their yields.

When rain is sparse and times are tough,

And the price of hay is especially rough.

As Conservatives we understand,

It takes hard work to till the land.

Alberta NDP passed a law for working on Prairie farms,

More expensive food, don't care who it harms.

They said, "John Deere, we want your food,

But only feed your cows when we're in the mood."

No overtime or you'll pay the price,

Beef and pork will cost more than twice.

We're standing up for farmers, feeding cows 'till nine.

We're standing up for farmers working overtime.

You eat their beef, you sit on leather,

Your feet are shoe'd in stormy weather.

Without their food, life would be grim,

Unless you plan to be awfully thin.

Family farms are getting fewer,

Once they're gone, we're in deep manure.

Don't egg me on, the yolks on you,

If farmers leave, what will we do?

Bottom line: You want to eat?

Support our farmers. Buy their wheat.

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