05/10/2016 10:06 EDT | Updated 05/10/2016 12:59 EDT

Fort McMurray Fire: Hotel Holds Surprise Birthday Party For 5-Year-Old Evacuee

Even strangers showed up with gifts for the birthday boy.

An Edmonton hotel gave a Fort McMurray boy a birthday to remember.

Maddox Nolin's family had a big party planned for his fifth birthday on Saturday.

"I had a bouncy castle planned for him and everything, and invited the whole class, all our neighbours, all our friends," his mom Corina Nolin told The Huffington Post Alberta.

Those plans changed when the family had to evacuate Fort McMurray last week as a massive wildfire swept toward the city.

The Nolins fled to Edmonton, abandoning most of their personal belongings, as well as the plans for Maddox's party and all of his gifts.

"For days and days and days before the party he was counting down every single day. The day we left Fort McMurray, not once he mentioned his party. Not once."

Hotel jumps into action

Finning, Maddox's dad's company, put the family up at Edmonton's DoubleTree Hilton hotel.

Hotel workers leaped into action when she told them about Maddox's birthday party. They found a space for the party, baked a cake and put up decorations. They even gave Maddox a birthday card with a gift certificate for a toy store.

Mom Corina caught Maddox's priceless reaction on video. (Watch the reveal in the video above!)

"He just could not believe this was happening, it was absolutely amazing," she said.

The Nolins were able to contact some of Maddox's friends who were also evacuated to Edmonton and brought them to the hotel.

"He just could not believe this was happening, it was absolutely amazing."

Even a few strangers showed up with gifts for the birthday boy.

Maddox's mom said the kindness she's received since the evacuation has absolutely blown her away.

"I never thought this was going to happen. I really thought he’s not even going to have a birthday present," Nolin said. "We have received so much love from people we don’t know."

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