05/10/2016 01:53 EDT | Updated 05/10/2016 01:59 EDT

Budweiser Changes Name Of Its Beer To 'America' Because, Well, America


Belgium-based beer behemoth Anheuser-Busch has announced that it's swapping the Budweiser name on the front of its 12-oz cans and bottles with "America."

Yes, "America."

Budweiser cans and bottles will look a little more American than usual this summer. (Handout)

The new design aims to "inspire drinkers to celebrate America and Budweiser's shared values of freedom and authenticity," the company said in a release on Tuesday.

The bottles will be available from May 23 until after the U.S. election wraps up in November.

The move is part of a summer campaign called "America is in Your Hands," which "reminds people from sea to shining sea to embrace the optimism upon which the country was first built," according to the release.

Of course, no gimmicky patriotic event like this is complete without snarky reactions on social media. Twitter stepped up to give its usual constructive remarks on the name change:

This is essentially an attack on Canada:

It's never too late in America.

This post will be updated when we confirm the name change has not affected the quality of Budweiser whatsoever.

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