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These DIY Hacks Make Cleaning So Simple

A minimalist's cleaning routine is nothing to sneeze at.

If you never got around to spring cleaning, it's not too late to clean up your act.

Often times, cleaning becomes a routine rife with unpronounceable chemicals and an arsenal of cans, sprays, detergents and sanitizers potent enough to give you the vapours — and not the fun, Southern belle kind. Don't get us started on the toxic substances hiding in your bathroom.

Luckily, you can cut down on the products and simplify your routine with a few carefully selected items you probably already have in your own home. Watch the video above for Rachel Holt's helpful house hacks that will streamline your cleaning process.

For example, you can use lemon juice and kosher salt as an efficient general cleaner. Both will help disenfect, without making you light-headed. They also tend to be gentler than commercial cleaners.

Don't be discouraged by the mess! It never hurts to start small.

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