05/10/2016 03:48 EDT | Updated 05/10/2016 03:59 EDT

Jack Jack, Toddler With Autism, Is Completely Smitten With Snow White In Video

Two-year-old Jack Jack doesn't warm up to new people easily.

This North Carolina toddler doesn't warm up to new people easily, but one Disney character has stolen his heart.

Amanda Coley's two-year-old son Jack Jack is non-verbal and has autism, she wrote on YouTube.

During a November vacation to Disney World, he wasn't interested in any of the characters.

But that all changed when he met Snow White.

In the video above, Jack Jack grins and cuddles up to her, looking into her eyes.

"I must have cried 1000 tears watching his interaction with her," wrote Coley. "He was in love."

The trip was several months ago, but he loves re-watching the footage of him and the princess, signalling "more" with sign language when it's over.

Coley told Inside Edition the woman playing Snow White had no idea he had a disability.

“It was so touching for us to have her sit there and react to him … her reaction to him was very sincere and we just felt that was so awesome," she said.

"We wonder how much of it was herself versus how much was (her) Snow White (costume)."

Coley has three sons, and two with autism, including Jack Jack. She has created a Facebook page to share her kids' passion for all things Disney.

Over the weekend, she shared a photo that clearly showed which Disney character older brother Landon loves.

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