05/11/2016 07:24 EDT | Updated 05/12/2017 05:12 EDT

Fort McMurray Fire: Teenager Charged With Looting Gets Bail

EDMONTON — A 19-year-old accused of looting homes in Fort McMurray, Alta., after the city had been evacuated due to a raging wildfire has been granted bail.

Jeffery Stodola has been charged with breaking and entering into two homes on Wayiandy Way in Fort McMurray before he was arrested last Friday.

Stodola is out on $10,000 bail and has been told he’s not allowed to go back to Fort McMurray, where he lived with his parents, with the exception of a trial or preliminary inquiry.

His next court appearance has been set for July 20 in Fort McMurray, if the law courts are operational.

(CTV Edmonton)

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