05/11/2016 12:18 EDT

Wyatt Nelson And His Dad Get To See The Stanley Cup In A Wildly Emotional Clip

The father and son's touching story made its way to the NHL.

Here it is, the most heartwarming Canadian father-son-bonding video you will see this year, if not ever.

Wyatt Nelson, a 12-year-old in Saskatchewan who gives play-by-play calls of hockey games for his blind father, Gerry, was the subject of a Global News story in December.

Gerry Nelson hugs his son Wyatt.

Gerry, who lost his sight in 1988 due to diabetes, used the radio to follow Saskatoon Blades games he attended with his son. But at one game with no radio feed, Wyatt had to improvise.

“We came to the game, and it wasn’t on the radio. So I just started explaining it to him and I guess it worked," he said.

“Sometimes when he is doing something with me I feel like I am taking him away from his time with his friends,” Gerry told the broadcaster. “But he says ‘No, dad, I love doing it and I want to do it.’”

The father and son's touching story eventually made its way to the NHL, which planned a surprise for the pair. On Tuesday it shared this tearjerker of a video:

In the clip, Wyatt tells the story of how he became his dad's play-by-play announcer while footage of the two watching a game plays. After the game is over, Wyatt leads Gerry to a room.

"Is this a gag, or ... ?" Wyatt asks, as the two stand in front of the Stanley Cup. "There's the cup."

"The Stanley Cup?" his father asks.

Wyatt then gives "the biggest call he'll ever make," leading Gerry to the cup.

'Touch it again!'

An absolutely beautiful moment unfolds as Gerry touches the trophy. "Oh my god!" he says as his hands move up the cup.

"I'm touching the Stanley Cup. This is just overwhelming," Gerry says, his voice cracking as he begins to cry.

"Did you touch it?" the father asks his son. "Touch it again!"

Watch the video above for the rest of the emotional exchange.

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