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Why Nick and Phil Paquette Deserved To Win 'Big Brother Canada' Season 4

And yes Canada, your vote counted!

Another exciting season of "Big Brother Canada" has come to an end. After 12 weeks of tears, twists and triumphs, Ottawa's own Paquette brothers, Nick and Philippe, took home the big prize.

After winning HOH and POV early in the week, the brothers stayed true to their final three promise with Australian houseguest Tim Dormer and Kelsey Faith, resulting in the elimination of 'Persian Princess' Cassandra Shahinfar.

Then, on Thursday night, Faith kept her own promise of taking the brothers to the final two faceoff where they earned Canada's vote as well as six of the eight other jury member's votes.

All in all the brothers won $100,000, a $25,000 gift card from The Brick, and an OxiClean prize pack valued at $10,000. While we'll admit we were occasionally frustrated by the boys' game play, looking back we realize they're pretty deserving. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

They Adjusted Their Game
When Nick Paquette walked into the BBCAN Grand the last person he expected to see was his older brother Phil. Though they originally pretended not to know each other, they quickly readjusted their game when host Arisa Cox outed them to their fellow houseguests.
They Created A Great Shield
While everyone was pointing fingers at the "three headed dragon" Nick and Phil used Jared Kessler, Kelsey Faith and Raul Manriquez for protection, saving both Kessler and Faith from eviction on numerous occasions.
They Won Comps
Especially when they needed to. Not only were the brothers able to save themselves from eviction, they also won HOH and POV titles during the most critical times.
They Made Serious Sacrifices
While some houseguests were worried about cutting off their luscious locks, the Paquette brothers had no problem parting with their hair to save themselves from eviction.
They Were Genuine
Yes, 'Big Brother' is a game that involves a lot of lying and deceiving, and while the brothers did include elements of that game play in their strategy, they also attempted to play open and honest. Nick even opened up about his struggle with depression on camera.
They Were Super Patriotic And Proud U of Ottawa Alums!
Besides wearing U of O pants, tanks and sweatshirts, the brothers believed so strongly that a Canadian deserved to win that they nearly self evicted after Cassandra Shahinfar saved Australian houseguest, Tim Dormer.
They Weren't Afraid To Rip Into Each Other
Though the brothers got along well for most of the season, when Philippe made a huge game error Nick laid into him proving just how badly he wanted to win.
Because They Were Canada's Choice
As a country, we not only voted for the brothers to win with our jury vote, we also secured them their very first HOH win.

Were you rooting for the brothers to win "Big Brother"? Let us know in the comments below.

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