05/13/2016 03:09 EDT | Updated 05/13/2016 03:59 EDT

French Woman Reportedly Stops Rapist By Biting His Tongue Off

The man reportedly ran away after the incident.

Regis Duvignau / Reuters
An illustration picture shows a French National Police insignia on the uniform of an officer who stands near parked cars outside the Police Headquarters in Bordeaux, France, February 8, 2016. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

A woman in France who was reportedly sexually assaulted fought her attacker by biting off a piece of his tongue.

The Independent reports the 19-year-old woman in the Purpan area of Toulouse was followed home by a 24-year-old man. He demanded to have sex with her and "violently" pulled at her blouse.

The woman then let the man kiss her before she bit his tongue off, according to The Evening Standard.

Man's version of events dismissed

The man ran away, leaving behind DNA and blood that police would eventually use to charge him. He was later arrested at a hospital, according to The Sun.

On Wednesday, he told a court the woman had led him on, but his version of events was dismissed. He was charged and sent to prison.

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