05/13/2016 10:35 EDT

Justin Trudeau Teacher: PM Makes Time For Supporters Too Young To Vote

To a 9-year-old Ontario boy, this photo means the world.

Nine-year-old Broghan Robins has been struggling in school this past year and has been undergoing tests to figure out why. He is highly intelligent (ask him anything about "Harry Potter") and yet his marks have plummeted from solid As to barely passing. Unsure of what to do next, his dad had a sudden idea: maybe the prime minister can help encourage him.

Dad Mark Robins is an active Liberal supporter. When he and Broghan attended a Liberal fundraising event in Montreal back in 2014, Robins jokingly tweeted that his then seven-year-old son would love to meet the next prime minister of Canada.

"I was in a corner, talking with Marc Garneau, when suddenly the crowd parted and there was Justin Trudeau. He said to me, 'Excuse me there's someone I need to meet,'" Robins told Huffington Post Canada. Trudeau then squatted down so he could speak with Broghan, eye to eye.

There wasn't any press at the event, which made Robins even more impressed that the future leader would take the time to chat with a little boy. The Kitchener, Ont. dad took a photo of his son with Trudeau, which Broghan insisted on hanging in his bedroom.

It was that picture Robins and his wife Natalie Waddell sent to the Prime Minister's Office, hoping Trudeau, a former teacher, could sign it and encourage Broghan as he struggles in school. As Robins says, "It doesn't hurt to ask!"

This week, Broghan was shocked to receive an envelope with his prized photo and a simple message from Trudeau: "I'm pulling for you!"

Once the family frames Broghan's new photo, the boy plans to take it to school to show his class.

For Robins, he hopes his son truly understands that not every little boy has a signed message from a world leader and that: "Justin Trudeau believes you can make things better for yourself."

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