Don't Be Embarrassed: These Health Problems Are More Common Than You Think

It may feel like you’re the only one experiencing adult acne or bladder leakage, but these “embarrassing” health problems are more common than you think.
Doctor comforting patient in office
Doctor comforting patient in office

It may feel like you’re the only one experiencing adult acne or bladder leakage, but these “embarrassing” health problems are more common than you think. In partnership with Poise Impressa, we list seemingly humiliating health concerns and provide you with tips of how to deal with them.

Bladder Leakage

Many think that bladder control issues are only problems for babies and senior citizens, but both men and women can encounter bladder leakage at any age. It seems like an embarrassing issue — considering accidental leakage can happen after a sneeze, cough or laugh — but it’s important to know that it’s common. In fact, an estimated one in three Canadians will experience bladder leakage in their lifetime.

For women in particular, the issue can occur during pregnancy and after childbirth, as pressure on the bladder weakens the pelvic floor muscles. At any rate, talking to your physician to learn about coping strategies and treatments is an important first step. For example, there are products available like Poise Impressa that stop leaks before they happen. Doctors can let you know if this is an appropriate treatment for you.

Adult Acne

If you think that you left pimples and blackheads behind in high school, think again. They can (and often do) come back, in your adult years. There are many causes of adult acne including stress, medication side-effects and hormone level changes.

In addition to stepping up your daily skincare routine — washing your face twice daily or using a good cleanser — a visit to a dermatologist can be the ticket to figuring out why the acne is occurring and if it’s potentially related to another condition.

Excessive Gas

It’s normal to pass gas, in fact we do it about 20 times a day, but burping or farting more often than that can be a sign you have an excessive gas problem. It can be a humiliating, stressful and a potentially smelly situation.

More importantly it can cause serious stomach pain and can be a symptom of an underlying health issue. Finding the root of your toots can begin by making lifestyle and diet changes. If that doesn’t work, going to your doctor for a physical exam to assess symptoms, risk factors and medical history can be a step in identifying a potential cause.

For example, a common symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a disorder that five million Canadians deal with, is excessive gas. A doctor can help determine if this is a problem you’re facing.

Severe Sweating

Sweating not caused by hot weather or exercise on a near daily basis isn’t normal and should be looked into. Nearly three per cent of people around the world deal with a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is marked by excessively sweaty palms, face and feet.

Talk to your doctor about potential treatments to understand the potential cause. Treatments include using prescription-strength antiperspirants or possibly even surgery on your sweat glands.

Bad Breath

Smelly, funky breath is an issue that one in five people will experience. Known as halitosis, causes of bad breath include poor dental health or respiratory infections or diseases. Treatments involve good oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist and even as simple as drinking lots of water. You’re not alone, so don’t be afraid to seek help.

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