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Justin Bieber Spotted At Tim Hortons In Montreal

Justin Bieber just loves being Canadian.

Spotted (well, Snapchat-ed) at a Montreal Tim Hortons over the weekend, a short video of the Biebs in action was posted on Instagram by user optimistinopposition. According to the Instagram user, Bieber was at a Timmies at René-Lévesque Boulevard, in front of the Olympic House.

The quick video shows the Stratford, Ont. pop sensation waiting at the chain's counter and talking to an associate. While we can't hear what Bieber is saying, we only assume he is adding chocolate milk to his Iced Capp or asking for his butter croissant to be microwaved.

A video posted by @optimistinopposition on

Last week, the 22-year-old singer was spotted at a Tim Hortons in Ottawa, rocking a pair of denim overalls and sipping on an Iced Capp.

And if you needed any more convincing Bieber just loves the home of Double-Doubles and maple flavoured pastries just like the rest of us, here's an old Tweet the singer posted in 2011. He also posted a picture of a plain bagel with creme cheese, along with, you guessed it, an Iced Capp, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

The "Sorry" singer, who has a concert in Montreal on Monday, will be heading to Toronto for two shows later this week.

H/T: MTL Blog.

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