05/16/2016 01:04 EDT | Updated 05/16/2016 10:59 EDT

Ontario Finally Gets The Beautiful May Weather It's Been Waiting For

Wow. You did it, Ontario.

You finally freakin' did it.

You got yourself some gorgeous spring weather!

Since the start, everyone kept saying you couldn't do it, that it was impossible, that your goal was just too ambitious:

And to be honest, we kind of agreed with them. Then we remembered you don't give a flying f*** about what others say, you relentless glory-seeking missile:

You took crap from all over. "The jig is up, Ontario. You'll never get nice weather!" the heartless monsters told you.

"NAY!" you shouted, spitting in a bucket full of hail and powering on through to your destiny:

Many couldn't believe it. How could Ontario get such beautiful weather? In May?

"Like this," you said, as you brushed the May hail off your shoulder:

Take a bow, Ontario. You did it. Enjoy the frozen fruits of your labour.

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