05/18/2016 05:24 EDT | Updated 05/19/2016 02:59 EDT

Beauty Vlogger Mayra Isabel Shows Us How To Apply Makeup With A Sock

And it's pretty genius.

If there's one thing we never thought we'd see used in a beauty routine, it's a sock.

But lo and behold, it has happened, because hey, if there's one thing we know about the beauty world, it's that nothing is off limits.

Enter beauty blogger MayraTouchOfGlam (a.k.a Mayra Isabel) who is claiming your average (clean) sock may just be "the next Beautyblender."

In her latest YouTube video, "Beauty Hack: Applying Makeup With A SOCK!" (which you can watch above), Mayra explains how she one day took a closer look at the heel of a sock and noticed how much thicker, fluffier and softer it was compared to the rest of it.

Happy Friday 😛 Used my sock hack in my latest video! Glad to see some of you trying it out 😁

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Using a pair of $6.23 socks from Walmart, the beauty guru shows viewers how to apply foundation using the heel material of the bunched-up sock, just like a brush or Beautyblender.

Dabbing and blending in her foundation, Mayra explains how the bulkiness and of the sock allows your product to be applied quickly and flawlessly, leaving no streaks on the face.

"It is crazy how nicely it blends," the blogger notes. "And I love how it applies very, very nicely."

And if you're worried about the sock soaking up too much of your foundation, don't fret. Mayra says unlike many other brushes and sponges which absorb too much product, a sock doesn't pick up too much makeup.

"I cannot believe a frickin' sock can do this!" the beauty blogger proclaimed. "I'm in shock!"

Besides the easy cleaning process (just throw it in the wash), Mayra notes it's a great tool for contouring, concealing and baking your makeup too.

And Mayra's main tip? Make sure your socks are clean. Because no one wants a dirty sock on their face. That's just gross.

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