05/18/2016 11:47 EDT | Updated 05/18/2016 11:59 EDT

#StarringConstanceWu Highlights Hollywood's Ongoing Problem With Diversity

We need more Asian actors in movies, ASAP.

The hashtag #StarringJohnCho made waves last week when it blew open Hollywood's ongoing diversity problem.

Now, #StarringConstanceWu is highlighting the lack of representation of Asian women in film.

The social media campaign, which was started by fans of the Asian-American actress Constance Wu, mimics #StarringJohnCho in that Wu is Photoshopped into movie posters and given leading lady status in popular films.

The idea behind the posters is to show that Asian and Asian-American actors can play leading parts in movies, and how Hollywood continues to white-wash its Asian characters.

White-washing in Hollywood isn't new; in fact, it has an abysmal track record of giving roles written for people of colour to white actors.

More recently, two movies starring white actors — Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone, respectively — caused people to (correctly) point out that the roles should have gone to Asian actors.

According to Al Jazeera, approximately one per cent of lead roles in Hollywood films go to Asian actors compared to any other ethnic group.

People have been voicing their frustration with the industry on Twitter, resulting in hashtags such as #MyYellowFaceStory, #MyBrownFaceStory and #whitewashOUT.

#StarringConstanceWu shows just how amazing it would be to see an Asian-American actress playing a lead role in a blockbuster film.

Wu is best known for her role as Jessica Huang on the TV series "Fresh Off the Boat" and boasts numerous TV series and TV movie credits. However, many think it's time for her to front a huge Hollywood movie.

Just look at the evidence below.

She would make a badass Mockingjay:

She could totally play Black Widow, no problem:

How about John Cho and Constance Wu in a blockbuster film, together?

She'd be gorgeous as the Ice Queen:

We could easily see her playing Emma Stone's part:

Tom Cruise should just retire now:

The actress seems to support the movement, tweeting her appreciation to her fans and sharing links from the #StarringConstanceWu Twitter page.

Now it's time for Hollywood to take notice.

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