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Russia's Dashik Gubanova Has Hair Like Rapunzel And She's Letting It Down For The World To See


The fairy tale "Rapunzel" tells the story of a pretty, young thing with her ridiculously long hair who wasn't able to go around flaunting it because her father locked her in a tower.

One, we think that's totally rude. And two, if you've got the hair THAT long, then you deserve to show it off!

And that's exactly what Dasha Gubanova, the modern-day real-life Rapunzel, is doing.

Hailing from Russia and making her fairytale counterpart totally proud, Gubanova is freaking the Internet out by letting down her waist-length hair that she hasn't cut since 2003.

#Дашик #веснушка #Волосы #LongHair #hair #оранж

A photo posted by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) on

Yes, that's correct, she hasn't chopped her locks for 11 years.

On her Instagram, which has over 130,000 followers, the Russian notes her goal is to grow her hair to her toes, at which point she plans to chop it off and donate it for wigs.

The girl is getting pretty close to that goal considering her hair is already below her knees.

Now, let's be real here, we have A LOT of questions — how long does it take the Russian beauty to wash her hair? How long does it take to dry? Does she have endless knots? Split ends? How much shampoo and conditioner does she use? Do you use it as a cape? Is her shower clogged? Is her vacuumed clogged? Hair does shed, people!

#Дашик #веснушка #рыжик #растиКосаДоПят #Волосы #оченьДлинныеВолосы #longhair #hair #рапунцель

A video posted by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) on

We admit, Dasha's photos and videos are quite mesmerizing and we can't stop staring.

Well, you know what they say: LONG HAIR, DON'T CARE.

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