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How To Take The Cutest Grocery Store Pic, As Demonstrated By Selena Gomez

When you're planning the perfect #OOTD photo (that's "outfit of the day," for those of you who don't know), the backdrop is just as important as the ensemble you're showcasing.

Whether it's a really cool graffiti wall, a scenic nature setting or your favourite 'gram-worthy coffee shop, the background of your photo is meant to add life to your outfit, without taking away from it altogether.

Given this, you'd think that the grocery store would be the last place you'd consider taking an #OOTD. After all, what good does aisles of food do to enhance your outfit?

Well, it turns out grocery stores make the perfect Instagram backdrop, at least according to the most popular person on the social media app, Miss Selena Gomez.

restock the bus -grocery shopping in Saskatoon

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Okay, okay, maybe Selena didn't actually say it's the perfect backdrop, but she did use a local grocery store in Saskatoon to take a really cute pic that proves our point. And besides, you know what they say, a picture's worth a thousand words...

So let's just break down the anatomy of the 23-year-old singer's winning Instagram photo, shall we?

1. The cute but casual outfit

Not only is the "Hands To Myself" songstress' oversized shirt, denim cut-offs and combat boots super cute, but they're also totally appropriate for the scene. We mean, you're not going to be wearing a ballgown while going grocery shopping right? However, she does still keep that "star" factor by wearing her sunglasses indoors. So extra points to Selener for keeping it real.

2. The choice of aisle

Notice how the former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star chose the dairy aisle as opposed to the section that has cereal? This is actually a really smart choice. Dairy and meat aisles have good lighting, which, as we all know, is imperative for a good photo.

3. The use of the aisle's lines to draw your eyes onto the main subject

The main subject, obviously, being Gomez. The composition of this photo is actually quite strong, with the aisles creating lines that lead the eye to Selena. The aisles, along with their accompanying sign also frame her, which, again, makes her the main attraction.

4. The cart

Rather than just stand in the middle of the aisle and pose, Selena took her photo to the next level by posing (casually) atop of cart. Again, totally cute and oh-so-clever.

5. The popsicle

Food in photos is always a winner on Instagram.

So there you have it! How to take the perfect #OOTD at the grocery store, as demonstrated by Selena Gomez. If you want to try it as well, we just recommend going on a less busy day for a cleaner backdrop.

Happy 'gramming, friends!

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