05/19/2016 01:01 EDT | Updated 05/20/2017 05:12 EDT

Uber's Self-Driving Car Hits The Streets In Pittsburgh

DETROIT — Uber is testing a self-driving car on public streets in Pittsburgh.

Uber says it has outfitted a Ford Fusion hybrid with radars, laser scanners and high-resolution cameras. It's using the car to test self-driving capability and collect mapping data.

A trained driver remains behind the wheel for now. Uber says it's still in the early stages of its self-driving tests and needs to make sure the technology is safe.

uber self driving car

Uber's specially outfitted, self-driving Ford Fusion is seen on the streets of Pittsburgh. (Photo: Uber)

The San Francisco ride-hailing company says Pittsburgh is an ideal place to test self-driving cars because it has a wide variety of weather and road types.

Uber Technologies Inc. announced a partnership with Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University last year. It has also opened its own Advanced Technologies Center, which is led by a former Carnegie Mellon robotics engineer.

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