05/20/2016 08:10 EDT | Updated 05/20/2016 08:59 EDT

B.C. Is Forcing Universities To Adopt Sex Assault Policies

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The Academic Quadrangle at Simon Fraser University

VICTORIA — British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to require post-secondary institutions to have policies to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

The Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act received royal assent on Thursday, less than a month after it was introduced in the legislature.

The legislation is based on a private-member's bill introduced by provincial Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, who Premier Christy Clark vowed to work with pass the law.

Several universities in B.C. have faced allegations they are failing and silencing survivors of sexual assault, in part because they lack specific policies to deal with reports.

The bill will come into effect one year after royal assent, in order to give institutions time to create and establish policies with the input of students.

Ontario was the first province in Canada to adopt similar legislation earlier this year.

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