05/20/2016 02:14 EDT | Updated 05/20/2016 02:59 EDT

You Won't Believe What Percentage Of Men Say They've Never Been In Love

True love is hard people.

For some men, finding their Princess Buttercup is pretty hard.

According to new data released from's Singles in America survey, twue wuv true love remains elusive to the fellas.

The study, which looked at the dating habits of more than 5,000 single men and women in the U.S., found that one in five men say they've never been in love.

Women fair a bit better: 18 per cent reported they've never been in love, either.

Despite this, a lot of men still believe they'll find "The One." According to the study, 59 per cent of men believe in love at first sight and 41 per cent claim it's happened to them at least once.

When it comes to breakups, however, the data shows guys get over their relationship faster than women. About half of men get over a breakup in a month, while the average woman takes about four months to recover.

Clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula told this data doesn't surprise her. "There are likely several reasons for this," she said. "Men are not reinforced or socialized for emotional communication the same way as women, relationships may often have a different functionality for men, and men at a certain younger age may not feel the same pressure about family planning and marriage."

However, Chicago family therapist David Klow told the magazine while the data isn't surprising, he thinks "what [men] report and what is actually happening may not be the same thing."

According to Klow, men aren't necessarily better at moving on than woman, and they could actually be "masking the symptoms of grief."

Men also tend to fall in love more frequently than women. According to the survey, men fall in love an average of 3.7 times in his life compared to 2.9 times for women.

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