05/20/2016 02:53 EDT | Updated 05/20/2016 02:59 EDT

4 Things You Need To Know Before Going To The Movies With Your Kids

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Boy and girl (8-10) in cinema, smiling, close-up

Going to the movies with little kids can be a stressful experience. There’s always the fear a tantrum will break out and that you’ll interrupt other viewers, but with these tips you can ensure a stress-free and controlled experience. From stocking up on snacks to strategies on keeping them as attentive as possible, these tips will save the day.

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It’s All In The Planning

You’re the best judge of your child’s sleep patterns and activity levels . Perhaps your little one might be too sleepy for an early film screening or too full of energy for the showing later in the afternoon -- you be the judge. Also consider catching that flick in the middle of the week and see if the theatre near you has viewing times allotted specifically for parents and young children.

Pick The Right Seat

The best seat in the house is one in the centre of the theatre and near the aisle. It’s easier to exit the theatre for washroom breaks and you’ll have the best view of the film at this vantage point. Arrive as early as possible to claim your spot.

Be Sure The Movie Is Appropriate

Even though the flick is designated appropriate for kids, you know your little one best. You want the movie-viewing experience be a positive and fun, so read reviews to see if any scenes could potentially frighten your child.

Keep A Watchful Eye

Keep a watchful eye on your kids throughout the film. Ask them questions and be sure that they are not bored or confused by what’s going on the screen. Watch for restless legs that might wander and kick the seat in front of them and take a quick break to the bathroom or the concession stand when needed.

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