05/21/2016 05:01 EDT | Updated 05/22/2017 05:12 EDT

Ruth Ellen Brosseau: Liberals And Conservatives All Jump To MP's Defence

Brosseau has challenged people on Twitter who blamed her for being elbowed.

People from all over the political spectrum are coming to the defence of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who has been fielding personal attacks after the New Democrat MP was elbowed in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Brosseau told The Canadian Press that her office has received a number of phone calls from people across the country, many of them suggesting that she is "crying wolf.''

She's also retweeted and challenged a number of Twitter users who have blamed her for being elbowed, saying she shouldn't have been standing in Trudeau's path.

Trudeau's principal secretary Gerald Butts tweeted, "Whatever you think of this week's events, (Brosseau) does not deserve this kind of abuse.''

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna wrote, "No matter your political leanings, the vitriol unleashed against female politicians on @twitter is unacceptable. Honestly, it sucks.''

Conservative leader Rona Ambrose wrote on Twitter that Brosseau had her "full support.''

Trudeau apologized for the incident that occurred Wednesday when Trudeau tried to push Conservative whip Gord Brown to his seat and colliding for a vote related to the bill on doctor-assisted dying, C-14.

During the fracas he elbowed Brosseau.

Trudeau is also getting support after the media storm surrounding so-called "elbowgate.''

Hockey commentator Don Cherry, who is known to lean to the right politically, tweeted on Saturday that Trudeau's actions were "an honest reaction. Wrong, but somehow refreshing.''

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