05/25/2016 01:34 EDT | Updated 05/30/2016 10:59 EDT

Improve Soil Quality With These Nine Foods

Because better soil means bigger plants.

Gardening is great if you have a green thumb, but for those of us who have a hard time keeping a cactus alive, we can use all the help we can get.

In the video above by Southern Living, we discover nine foods that can help improve soil quality and ultimately your plants. From tea leaves to old toast to leftover beer from the party last night, these are just some of the foods that promote plant growth.

While some of these foods can be chopped up and crushed directly into the soil, they would all benefit from sitting in a compost pile for a little while.

If you're new to composting, learn how to make your own compost bin from scratch here — you'll even find tips for creating an under-the-counter bin fit for a condo or apartment.

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