05/25/2016 05:18 EDT | Updated 05/25/2016 05:59 EDT

Rachel Notley Dismisses Opposition Fears Over Carbon Tax Bill

Jason Franson/CP

EDMONTON — Premier Rachel Notley is dismissing opposition accusations that the NDP's carbon tax bill contains invasive and arbitrary rules on search and seizure.

Notley says the legislation contains rules surrounding search warrants that have long been in place in Alberta and elsewhere across Canada.

This week, Notley's government introduced legislation to give it the power to hike taxes on heating bills and gas at the pumps to fund its new multibillion-dollar carbon levy.

The bill gives the government measures to search vehicles, property and computer hard drives if can show a reasonable cause that it believes the carbon levy rules are not being followed.

Farmers, for example, will be exempt from the gas price hike as long as the discounted gas is restricted to vehicles related to farm activity.

The Wildrose party says Notley's government is now violating the sanctity of property and privacy that it once fought for while in opposition.

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