05/26/2016 14:44 EDT | Updated 05/27/2017 01:12 EDT

Quebec Liberals to meet on Monday for special caucus retreat with premier

QUEBEC — The Quebec Liberal caucus will gather for a special closed-door meeting on Monday at a resort manor just outside Quebec City.

Caucus president Nicole Menard said she called the meeting — which will include Premier Philippe Couillard — for no specific reason but to "discuss politics in general."

The Liberals have had a difficult few months that have seen Sam Hamad, a high-profile minister, resign from cabinet due to conflict-of-interest allegations.

They have also had to deal with allegations of irregularities in the Transport Department.

Couillard's entourage has been criticized for its handling of both situations.

Menard said the meeting will not include political staff and the media are not invited.

"We wanted a place where it will be fun to meet," she said. "We always have a dinner with our premier. We like being with him."