05/27/2016 17:27 EDT | Updated 05/28/2017 01:12 EDT

Calgary man pleads guilty to manslaughter for fatally shooting his mother

CALGARY — A 31-year-old Calgary man looked his father square in the eyes Friday as he apologized for killing his own mother on Thanksgiving Day 2013.

Andrew Murray had originally been charged with first-degree murder but pleaded guilty instead to manslaughter.

Lois Murray, 58, a grief counsellor at a funeral home, was fatally shot in her Calgary home.

Experts testified Murray was in a psychotic state caused by alcohol withdrawal at the time, and had chased his mother around the house before shooting her in the back of the neck at close range.

He told a 911 operator he had been hearing voices and thought his mother was going to kill him.

Murray is expected to be sentenced in June. The Crown has requested a sentence of between 12 and 15 years while the defence asked for a six-year sentence.

"I'm sorry I could not win my battle with alcohol," he told court. "My primary goal is to hopefully reach where my family can look at me as a changed man."

(CTV Calgary)